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Aliana, a residential development outside Houston, TX,
is the brainchild of award-winning developer Paul Cheng.
Its natural features include a lake, streams and 10 miles of hiking trails. 

Taylor Backes worked in collaboration with landscape architects
SWA Group and with FMG Design to develop and produce
signature glass for entryways to each subdivision and
decorative glass panels for outdoor lighting and signage.

The process involved producing small models cast in sand molds
and then larger models cast into custom fabricated graphite patterns.

The large letter panels (as much as 270 lbs. each) were designed
and prototyped in small scale at Taylor Backes.
They were cast in their final form at John Lewis Studios
in Oakland, CA, resulting in the production of over
100 full scale 31” x 48” panels now installed at Aliana.

the emerald building 
2nd & washington streets
boyertown pa 19512